Saturday, October 27, 2007

Getting Bigger!

We got the latest updates on Jean Delson's height and weight this week. We think that the MI shirt must not make him very happy, we will need to get him a WI shirt :-). He is coming in at 32 inches and weighs 24 pounds. He is up 1 pound since we were in Haiti this April...he is ever so slowly moving in the right direction.
Lori Jones, our case worker at ANA, sent us an email this week that she was hoping to see our case exit IBESR sometime very soon. That will be a HUGE weight lifted off our shoulders, but still will mean another 5-8 month wait. We continue to pray for patience, something you can NEVER have enough of when adopting from Haiti. ~Melissa

Friday, October 12, 2007

Help make debt history

I just sent a message to my representative urging them to support the Jubilee Act, which will relieve some of the debt that keeps many developing nations trapped in a cycle of poverty.You can help this important bill move forward by taking action here:! Melissa

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mother and child

I found this poem in an adoption article and it REALLY sums up the way that I feel. The wait for Jean Delson has been long and we still have no end in sight. I will remember these words to keep me going. -Melissa

Your heart is aching for someone to hold you.
My heart is aching for someone to hold.
My empty arms are here to embrace you, Soon we'll be together, Mother and child.
I hear your cries when you are hungry,
I hear you whimper when you are alone,
I hear you giggle when the nanny makes faces, Soon we'll be together, Mother and child.
Hold on to your dreams of a family, of love
And I'll hold onto the hope of bringing you home.
Hold on to your dreams, we are coming to get you And you'll be filling my arms, my heart, our home.
Give me your hand, I'll be there to protect you,
Give me your heart, and I'll cherish our love.
The love between Mother and child is precious, Soon we'll be together, Mother and child.
I'll fly over an ocean to see and to meet you,
I'd dig straight through the earth to be where you are.
I'm waiting my turn; time is all that's between us. Soon we'll be together, Mother and child.
~Julie A. Rocheleau