Thursday, February 26, 2009

On the Charts!!

Micah had his 1 year doctor appointment this week and we were so happy with his progress. He is now 20.2#, that is up from 17.4# when we brought him home. When he came home his weight was not even on the charts, but now he is at the 20% mark!! Also he is 31 inches tall, which puts him at the 90% for height and his head is at the 97%!! The doctor was very impressed with how far he has come in the little over 2 months we have had him home. They also ran some blood work and everything came back great...he had been a little low on some blood levels when we first brought him home, but now he is doing great. He is going to be starting some medicine for reflux, but I am told that is pretty common and he will probably out grow it in a few years. We are so overjoyed at what a blessing he is and watching his personality form has been so wonderful! ~Melissa

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Boy!!!

Today was Micah's 1st birthday and boy did he celebrate!! He had several phone calls wishing him Happy Birthday, which he really enjoyed. Tonight, when Scott got home from work, Micah got to open his presents from Mom and Dad. He got big legos, a band set and a musical rain stick....he was SOOOOOO happy with his presents. Then we went out to eat with our favorite neighbor friends (Matt, Sarah and Evan). We went to the buffet and all ate way too much, but it was Yummy. Micah and Evan had a lot of fun getting messy! They even brought out a cupcake with a sparkler in it for Micah and all sang Happy Birthday to him. It was a great day, we look forward to celebrating even more at his party this weekend! ~Melissa

Thursday, February 19, 2009

6 Small Steps Toward Good Childproofing!

You may have thought this post was going to be some profound new ideas on how to childproof your were mistaken! It is actually a plea for help in how we can possibly child proof everywhere :-). You see earlier this week, Micah took his first 6 steps all alone...the first 6 steps toward independence! We started to realize that there are still many things that need to be moved to higher ground before Micah ends up moving them for us!
He has been Amazing us everyday...I can not believe that Monday he will be 1!!! What a blessed life we have. Below are some photos of what we have been up to lately. Enjoy ~Melissa

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wicked, Walking and Words

What an exciting week we are having so far. First of all Scott and I got to go on a Wicked good date on Tuesday night. We went with our friends, Amy and Andy, to dinner and then to see Wicked. Amy managed to get Wicked good seats and the show was wonderful!! Some of you may not know, but I am the BIGGEST fan of Wicked!! I know all the words to all the songs and it was difficult not to sing along, but I think I did rather well (right Andy??) . Micah was at Grandma Mary's while we went to the show and she said that he was only awake about an hour and then slept the rest of the time...what an angel!
In other news, Micah is getting so good with his walking. He has started only holding on to one adult hand now and then cruising around. Also he will pull himself up from sitting to standing using the couch or a table and walks around from the couch to the love seat unassisted...usually it is to get to the remote or something. He is going to be running around all alone before we know it.
Micah has also added some new words to his vocabulary such as MOMMA! Granted he does not say it as much as he says dada or daddy, but I will take what I can get! He can also tell you that a sheep says bah and a cow says moo. And if he drops something you can often hear him say uh-oh afterwards. If you ask him where the light is he will point up to the lights on the ceiling fans. One of his favorite things to do is look at all the family pictures hanging on the wall and wants me to tell him every ones names as he points to them. So far if you ask him who daddy is or mommy is or Jaxon is (his cousin), he can point them out for you. We are working on everyone else yet :-). Scott and I can not believe how fast he is learning and growing up...AMAZING!!! ~Melissa

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kiddo's best friend!

I must admit that I was very concerned about how Pepe' would react to not being the "baby" anymore when we brought Micah home. Well....worry no more, they are Best Friends! It did take Micah a little while to get used to Pepe', but now all he wants to do is play with him. He finds Pepe's toys and wants me to throw them to him all the time. He also LOVES to feed Pepe' cheerios and goldfish crackers. Micah thinks it is so funny when Pepe' licks his fingers to get to the cheerio. It is so wonderful to see how much they love each other...Best Friends!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Pictures

Here is the link to some new Wonderful photos of Micah :
Enjoy! ~Melissa