Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taste of Home

On Friday we had our last post placement visit with our social worker. He was amazed to see how much Micah has grown and how much he has learned in the short time he has been home. The visit went well and now we can turn in our paper work to get a court date for our re-adoption. At that hearing Micah will be issued a US birth certificate and become a US citizen!! After our visit with the social worker we took Micah out to celebrate at the Ethiopian Cottage. This is a WONDERFUL Traditional Ethiopian restaurant in Milwaukee..if you are ever in the area make sure to go and check them out...YUMMY!! We all LOVED the food and it brought back many memories. The owners came over and greeted us and spoke to Micah in English and Amharic (his native language). Here are some pictures from our lunch. ~Melissa

Baby Dedication Pictures

Here are some pictures of Micah's baby dedication which was held on May 10th. These are pictures of him at home getting ready! Isn't he so handsome in his suit?!?!?!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Very Happy Mothers Day

Today was my First Mothers Day as a Mommy and what a great day it was. My boys (Scott and Micah) gave me some beautiful flowers and cards that were perfect for this special day. We enjoyed breakfast together as a family. Then we had Micah's baby dedication at church, which made this day the most special of all. It is still surreal that we are parents to such a wonderful little blessing...GOD IS SO GOOD! Today I could not help but think of Micah's mommy in Ethiopia and praying that all is well with her. I hope that she is at peace with her decision and knows in her heart that all is well with Micah and how much we love him. I can not thank her enough.
We were also able to spend time with our families that had come to celebrate Micah's dedication. It was great seeing everyone and spending time with family.
Micah and I walked down to the park in the afternoon with our neighbor friends after all our family had left. It is so much fun to watch him learn and grow everyday, he is always trying new things. Today he was going down slides with me and Miss Sarah and Evan, he LOVED it.
It was a Great Mothers Day and I am so thankful for all my blessings. I will post some pictures of the fun filled day this week!! Melissa

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Surgery goes well

Yesterday our little guy went in for surgery. It was an outpatient surgery, something most little boys have done right after birth, and everything went well. The procedure took about 1 hour and they brought us into the recovery room shortly afterward so I could hold him as he woke up. Micah was such a brave little guy and is doing Great. He was so cute when they were showing us his dressing, I said that he was almost done and that he had done so good and he started to clap. He was barely awake and still had his IV in, but heard that he did good and clapped...bless his heart! He also does not hold a grudge because he said BYE to the nurses as we were leaving. They gave him a stuffed Big Bird to take home for being so brave. Here are some pics from the event(they were taken on Scott's BlackBerry, so sorry for the quality). Melissa