Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great Loss

This week Scott and I had to make the biggest decision thus far and chose to terminate our contract with ANA and therefore end our adoption process of Jean Delson. This was definitely not an easy decision to make and there is not one particular person that is to blame. We got involved with a very unstable country(Haiti) and no one could/can predict what will come of the process. After a lot of praying and asking God what His will was, we finally were able to come to peace with our decision. We are still exploring options of what our future holds for us and our desire for a family. We appreciate all of the prayers and support we have received and will keep everyone informed of our future journeys. Please keep Haiti, the children, the waiting families and especially Jean Delson in your prayers. I will update this blog when we make a decision about how to proceed from here. God Bless ~Melissa

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No news

There has been no "good" news from the adoption front recently. We are looking into a few things right now and I hope to post more soon. Sorry to be so vague, but for now we could really use some prayers of encouragement. We have come to a time when we need to make some very big decisions and could use all the prayers we can get. I know that prayers seem to be the thing I ask for a lot, but they are very important and I thank everyone who is sending them our way! ~Melissa