Saturday, November 26, 2011

A bit of Christmas Thanks

Today we decorated the house for Christmas and the kids were SO excited to help. The moment that really stands out for me is when the kids placed their special ornaments on the tree that represent their birth families. As they placed their ornament on the tree each child took the time to say a little prayer for their families.
Micah has an angel that he chose to represent his birth mom and said that he was thankful she had him and prayed that she is safe. Though we do not know her name, she did such a loving thing when she gave him over to the police as a newborn as she could not care for him but did wanted him safe.
Delson has an ornament that was handmade in Haiti and asked God to keep his Haitian mommy, Verigne safe(his Haitian daddy, Pierre,is no longer here on earth).
Sitota has a cross that she chose to remember her family. She thanked God for her Ethiopian mommy and daddy, Worke and Wolde, whom are no longer with us on earth and prayed that God keep Tariku and her other brothers and sisters in Ethiopia safe. , and the precious young lady who was loving enough to bring her newborn baby boy to the police so she knew he would be safe. I am so Thankful for all they gave up so we can have our family.
We are so thankful to all of those listed here for the blessings they have given us.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Perfect Match

Had a funny (and interesting) conversation with Micah the other day after we had read a book about adoption. The book referred to how God had found us both and matched us. Here is how our talk at lunch a few days later went:

Micah: Mom, I don't think God is really good at matching.
Me: What are you talking about honey?
Micah: Remember how we read a book and you said God matched us.
Me: Yes
Micah: Well put out your arm (I do so and he puts his arm next to mine). See your arm is white, right?
Me: Yes
Micah: And my arm is brown, right?
Me: Yes
Micah: So I don't think God is very good at matching.
Me: We may not match in the color of our skin, but God did match our hearts and I am so happy you are my son.
Micah: And I am Happy you are my mom (followed by a big hug and kiss!)

Gotta LOVE that kid!!