Thursday, April 30, 2009

Questions and Answers

Since bringing Micah home, we are often asked questions about his adoption. Usually it is the common: Where is he from? Does he speak English? Did you get him as a baby(hello he is still a baby!)? Some of the questions I have been least prepared for are the ones that come from young children. Here are a few examples of questions I have been asked recently:
Scenario: Oshkosh B'Gosh Store
6yr girl -"How come he is brown and you are white?"
me: "Well he was born in Africa and we adopted him. Do you know what that means?"
girl: "Does that mean that he lived there and you lived here?"
me: "Yes he did live there and then he came home here to live with us."
girl: "Does he have a mommy in Africa?"
me: "Yes he does and she loves him very much and is trusting us to raise him."
girl: "That is neat. I like his hair." (goes on to play with Micah and some legos)

2nd Scenario: We are taking our 2nd neighborhood walk of the day when we run into to girls about 8 years old
1st girl: "Do you babysit him?"
me: "No, I am his mommy. We adopted him, you see he was born in Africa."
1st girl: "I was adopted too!"
me: "That is very special."
2nd girl: "Yeah..where were you born again."
1st girl: "Not far away like Africa, but I was born in Beliot, you know where that is?"
me: "I do know where that is. That is really neat."
1st girl: " What is his name?"
me:" Micah"
2nd girl: "Was that always his name?"
me: "no, his Ethiopian name is Muse."
1st girl: " My dad is from Africa."
me: "Really?"
1st girl: "Yeah and I have a little brother who looks like this little guy(pointing to Micah). He is adopted too, but from a different family than me!"

This conversation went on for a long time, but you get the point. They were so excited to play with Micah and he was LOVING all the special attention they were giving him. They wanted him to adopt one of their baby bunnies...said that he could have one for free because he was adopted and would be adopting the about pulling at my heartstrings. Too bad the Mister would not give the ok for that or we would for sure have a bunny :) Melissa

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All in a Days Work!

My "work" days have changed drastically since Micah came home. Having a 14 month old for a "boss" can proof to be very interesting. Here is an average day at work now:
5:30 am - up and adam, time to get right to work the boss is calling!
6:00 am - breakfast is served, while the big boss man eats I do the following: make Daddy his lunch, take the dog out, pick up a fork or cup about 50 times, make juice and start coffee (a bad habit we picked up in Ethiopia!)
6:30 am- I my 15 minute break to shower and get dressed for the day
7:00 - head downstairs for play time and usually some web cam time with Grandma and Grandpa
8:30- Time to head back upstairs to get boss man his morning snack (yogurt) and some juice. We watch Elmos World as he dines! Then we look through books and play
9:30 - Boss man is usually getting tired. We rock in his chair and sing songs and before you know it he is snoring in my arms.
10-11:30ish - This is my mid morning break. I take this time to catch up on laundry or some light cleaning...and I admit I also catch up on computer stuff (but don't tell the boss!)
11:30 - The boss is up and he is Hungry! Make lunch for us and take some time to sit down and enjoy!
1:00 - If it is nice we take our 1st walk of the day to go and look for neighborhood puppies that may be out. Micah LOVES puppies and wants to see them all. We usually stop at the park and meet up with some of Micah's friends
3:00 - Time for Micah's afternoon bottle (and mom to watch a few minutes of Ellen while he enjoys his drink!!)
3:30 - Back outside, unless it is raining or crumby out (in which case we play in the toy room), we take our 2nd walk to the park and play with a whole new group of kids. His favorite thing to do is walk up the stairs and down the stairs and up the stairs and down the stairs...of course this requires me to also walk up the stairs and down the stairs too!!! Maybe that is why I have lost 17 pounds since getting this new job!!
4:30- We head inside so I can start supper. While I am cooking, the boss is usually watching Elmo or Hairy...or he is playing with the pots and pans.
5:00- Daddy is home and supper is served!!
5:30 - I clean up from supper while Micah takes more pots and pans out for me to pick up!
6:00- Boss man wants to head back outside for a 3rd walk in the stroller...this time Daddy comes along and brings Pepe...What a treat!!
7:00 - Bath and PJ time!
7:30 - time for bed...Sometimes I get to have some time off and Daddy does bed time singing :)
After all the messes for the day are cleaned up...I have "off" for the rest of the night, but I am "on call" at all hours if the "Boss" needs me he just calls and I am there!!
Though it is a l0t of work...I LOVE my new job and can not imagine doing anything else! Melissa

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

4 months home...

Today marks Micah being home for 4 months, WOW where has the time gone. He already has many favorite things to do, such as: puppies (especially Luey the neighbor dog), stroller rides(looking for puppies to pet), reading books (mostly with pictures of puppies), singing with Mama and Dada, trying to go up and down stairs(still needs help with this one), trying to eat all alone with a spoon or fork, web caming with Grandma and Grandpa, talking on the phone to everyone who calls, watching Hairy and Company and Elmo, and playing tickle monster. It is amazing how much he has grown in this 4 months home. He is getting so tall, it is hard to keep if only his waist and butt would grow at the same pace! I will post some pictures of our Easter egg hunt and other random pics soon!! Melissa

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scrapbooks Dangerous??

So we have noticed that Micah has become a walking accident lately. Most of this is to be expected due to his new walking abilities. He has had several falls already including: falling into the bookcase, tumbling over the arm of the couch, falling into the corner of the brick fireplace...that is just to mention a few. So yesterday, we were looking through scrapbooks (something Micah LOVES to do) and he was flipping the pages looking for pictures of his daddy. You would think this is a safe activity, right?!?!? WRONG! As Micah was flipping through the pages he caught the corner of a page on his face and ended up with a HUGE scratch across his entire cheek...UGH. Of course this is perfect timing for Easter pictures this weekend! Oh well, this too will pass. At least we have been lucky enough to not have had any major accidents...yet!