Friday, September 24, 2010

Crappy Job

***Caution this is going to be a graphic post, read at your own risk!***
Being a mom is tough, but my job just got down right crappy! We have suspected that Sitota may have some type of parasite for awhile, but nothing had shown up in tests. We recently asked her if she ever notices anything strange in her poo and her response was: "Like the little white bugs?!?!" Huh, Yeah! That would be Strange. See, to her it was not weird as she had lived with them for a long time. We finally got the results back (after pushing them to run more tests and making sure the sample had a "little friend" in it!)and turns out she has a tape worm! We will be treating it this weekend and it should all come out within a day or so. They are thinking it will be about 2-4 feet long!! Sounds like a fun way to start a weekend! So, next time you think you have a crappy job, think again :) - Melissa

Monday, September 6, 2010

We Are Family!

It has been a busy week around here. Sitota started 3rd grade and is LOVING it. Delson also started school, he is in 4k every afternoon. He likes it a lot, especially riding the bus :)
On Friday we went to court for Sitota's re-adoption and for Delson's adoption. Everything went GREAT and we are now the proud parents of 3 kiddos!!! We looked back and figured out that we saw Delson's picture for the first time 4 years and 18 days before his adoption was has been a LONG journey, but we are TRULY blessed beyond believe!
In other news, I am making this blog PUBLIC again...I have nothing to hide and can not wait to continue to share our journey's with friends and family!!! Have a Blessed week!! Melissa