Thursday, November 29, 2007

News from Bongo!

We ordered a report for Jean Delson on his birth family and got some progress news today. The lady who does the reports is a Haitian named Granny Bin. Here is the update we received:
"We made a trip to Bonga to visit Jean Delson Chery was born. His bio mother was not there. on of the relatives told us that he was going to make every effort to locate her so we can have an interview. Her mother and father are living but were not present as they were working in a section of Bonga which was not accessible by our car. Our car got stuck several times on the rocky roads (pictures will be in the report). I imagine that we will have to make another trip before we can finish this report.
Jean Chery's father was very kind."

Granny Bin hopes to have our full report to us soon after the new year. We are really excited because it will contain pictures and family history that will mean the world to Jean Delson.
Thank you to everyone who has been contributing to make this report happen!It is really a priceless gift. ~Melissa

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Having his cake...and eating it too :-)

Notice that Jean Delson is the first one done with his cake!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Growing up before our eyes

Recently, some families that are adopting through ANA had went down to visit. They said that all of the kids were doing well, despite a recent outbreak of pink eye. YUCK. Anyhow, one of the families, the Peckys, sent over some new pictures of Jean Delson. I can not believe how big he is getting. He is sure growing up fast.

Lori Jones, our case worker from ANA, brought back some discouraging news. It appears that our case is still in IBESR and was waiting for us to send a notarized letter stating that we have lived together for 10 years(this is one of their new guidelines, that a couple be married or living together for 10 years) problem ...we have not lived together for 10 years. So, Lori is going to send our lawyer from Haiti into IBESR and fight our case. She is VERY hopeful that he will be able to convince them to send our case through, sine it was there before their new laws kicked in.

We ask for your continued prayers and in the meantime enjoy these updated pictures. ~Melissa

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Updates from Haiti

We just received word from Lori Jones that Haiti has been without power since tropical storm, Noel, hit 9 days ago...this would explain the lack of communication lately. Anyhow, Lori and Rock were going in search of a generator so the staff and kids can at least have power back. Unfortunately that is a VERY expensive task, a generator in Haiti and 2 freezers, that they need for the food, will be about $12,000. Please pray that they are able to get these necessities soon...and that Lori is still able to make some headway at IBESR! ~Melissa

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Calling for Prayers

This week Lori Jones, our new case worker at ANA (and the owner!), set our to Haiti. Her main goal while she is there this week is to get the families who have been stuck in IBESR out...we are one of those families. She said that she will go to the IBESR office everyday and try to meet with them and encourage them to sign off on our cases. Please keep Lori in your prayers this week in hopes that she is able to make some headway. ~Melissa