Thursday, March 20, 2008

100 cases signed out...

Could ours be one of them??? We just found out from an adoptive mom's blog that there were 100 cases signed out of IBESR this week, including some that do not match the guidelines from 1974. We have not yet heard if any of them were from ANA families, but you can bet your butt that I have the phone next to me every minute of the day waiting for it to ring. Keep your fingers crossed! ~Melissa

Saturday, March 15, 2008

2 steps forward...1 step back

This week we did have some updates from ANA. Be them very small least we got some. First we found out that Rock has been able to successfully get some families out of IBESR this week, even though they did not meet the guidelines from 1974. This is great news and we were told by Lori, the president on our agency, that Rock was going back to IBESR this week to argue our case. He is pretty confident that he can get us out. We are excited, but on the same hand we have heard these things before and do not want to get our hopes up too much. As you may recall, they told us in December that they were going to try for a Presidential Disposition for our case to get it moving. It appears that NOTHING has been done since December, because now they say they do not think we should need the presidents signature. I am trusting they are doing all they can, but it does get hard. Anyhow, extra prayers this week would be GREATLY appreciated!

The other update we got was a new picture and some height and weight updates. You can see in his picture that he is still not a fan of the camera, but my mom always tells me that serious kids are smarter and I am going with that :-). On a positive note, Jean Delson did gain 3 pounds since October. He is now coming in at a hefty 27 pounds. Also he grew a few inches and is about 35 inches now. Enjoy the picture...hope to have some additional updates soon. ~Melissa