Monday, August 31, 2009

First day on the job

Today Micah started his first job (with a little help from Mom!). He let's out Lewy, the neighbor dog, while his owners are back to work. Micah carrys the poop bag and I walk Lewy. We walk Lewy around our neighborhood and after he does his deed, we take him home. Micah then throws Lewy a treat and takes the poo to the trash. He was very proud of his job and clapped when he was done. I asked him if he likes his new job and he said "Yeah". Here are some pics! Melissa

Friday, August 28, 2009

The stats are in!!

Micah had his 18 month wellness visit yesterday and the doctor was Very impressed with all the progress he has made over his 8 months home with us. He now weighs 24 pounds (40th%), height is 34.25 inches (95th%), and head size is the 97th%!! He asked if Micah is saying at least 8-10 words...try about 26 words!! That is how many Scott and I could come up with, I am sure there are more since he adds more everyday :). He is also putting words together like, "Da-da Banana" and "Cloth Please". He LOVES playing with his doll, Joe. Here are some pictures of his play time the other day...note that the one where he is holding Joe over his head looks like he is going to throw him, but he is actually trying to get him on the firetruck so they can ride together!
Have a great weekend!! Melissa

Friday, August 21, 2009

Can you help???

We are trying to raise enough money to purchase 6 mattresses for the care center before we travel in November/December. They currently have only 1 twin size mattress and 5 cribs for all the kiddos to share. Being that they average around 25 kids, you can see where this would not be enough space. It will cost about $80 per mattress and we are trying to raise enough to buy 6. We will take the $ with us when we go and will personally go and purchase the mattresses and post pictures here so you can all see how much you helped. All donations are tax deductible and our agency would send you a receipt for taxes. Please post me a comment with your email address if you are able to help and I will send you further information. If you are not able to give a monetary donation, please help us by praying we are able to meet our goal. Thank you!! Have a Great weekend!! Melissa

Monday, August 17, 2009

A few words and a few Pictures!!

Thank you to all who have commented expressing your support of our journey to bring our daughter home. You all mean so much to us and we look forward to sharing our journeys with you all. We found out the courts in Ethiopia are only going to close for 2 weeks this year instead of 6, this is Very good news as that means we can be filed for a court date sooner!!! We got our appointments for getting our finger prints done for USCIS and this will take place on September 9th!!
Micah is doing Great. He is talking SOOOOO much now. His favorite words are: cheese, truck, bye, please, basketball, thank you, welcome, dada, mama, and of course Elmo. He also knows lots of animal sounds: duck, cat, dog, cow, sheep, monkey, elephant, and snake. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. Enjoy!! Melissa