Monday, May 19, 2008

If our adoption were....

Something fun I did was decide what our adoption would be if it were for example a candy bar instead of an adoption. Here are a few I came up with that you may enjoy:
If our adoption were a candy bar it would be a Turtle (I hope that changes to an Almond Joy!)
If our adoption were a color it would be Blue (because we are having a boy and because this is the feeling I have had for awhile now)
If our adoption were an undergarment it would be Depends (thanks for that one Renee!)
If our adoption were a song it would be Hold On for One More Day, I am hoping this changes to Mama I'm Coming Home!
If our adoption were a game it would be Twister
If our adoption were a drink it would be a SLOW Gin
If our adoption were a type of ice cream it would be Rocky Road
If our adoption were a type of movie it would be an Adventure
Hope you enjoyed this list, I think I have too much time on my hands. Happy Monday!~Melissa

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tragedy...can you help?

I got a very disturbing email from Granny Bin today. As many of you may recall, she is the one who put together Jean's TIYL report and is truly a God send. She gave me permission to share what happened to her last week and I am hoping there may be some people who may want to help. Even through this horrific event(which took place in Haiti), she remains strong and keeps her faith in God. If you can not help by donating money, please help by offering prayers. If you would like to give a donation to help with her loss, leave me a comment and I will get you details. ~Melissa
.INCIDENCE: ..I went to the bank Thursday past to withdraw $3,000 to pay for the new place and the moving expenses. Here's what happened.
I was the victim of three armed gunmen who robbed me at gun point as I had has just left the bank with a withdrawal of $3,000 US to pay rent for new place. They grabbed my purse out of my hand and they mounted a red motorcycle. It seems obvious that someone inside the bank was observing and it is thought that when they saw me withdraw a large amount of money that they, by cell phone, alerted bandits outside who watched me and followed. I stopped in a gas station not far from the bank and it was there they they approached my driver and me with guns. Everything I had was in my handbag including credit cards, driver's licenses, Haiti identification, passport, camera, keys, bank blank checks, etc. I felt completely stripped of my identity. This was Thursday past. Since then, I have been running around trying to get blocks on everything and at the same time renew cards, apply for new passport, etc. It was a traumatic experience but I am glad that I am alive and my driver also. There is nothing worst than a gun being pointed in your face..
granny bin
THE GOOD: I still moving forward with more courage than ever.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy (Almost) Mother's Day

Today is kind of a bitter sweet Mother's day. Last year at this time I had no doubt in my mind that Jean would be home and we would be celebrating. I never would have thought that he would not only not be home, but that we would be in the exact same place as last year with the adoption process. I thank everyone who has had words of wisdom and support over the past 23 months since we started the journey to bringing Jean home. It is that support and the prayers that really keep us going, even when we feel like giving up. Today was a constant reminder that I am not yet a mother, but rather than have a pity party, I would like to focus on a VERY important mother who will play a huge part in our lives for years to come. That person is Viergemene Chery and she is Jean Delson's Haitian Mama. She is a true inspriation and I thank her for the great gift she is giving me. The opportunity to become a mother to Jean and raise him in a way that would make her proud. So today and for every Mother's Day to come I honor you Viergemene. Thank you. ~Melissa