Monday, December 27, 2010

One Year With Our Little Girl

One year ago today I met and held my daughter for the first time. What a year it has been! When I first met Sitota she was a quiet, shy and frail little girl. She had and still has a smile that will brighten your day. She amazes me with everything she has learned over the past year and how she will try anything! She has learned to read, write, ride a bike and rip stick, ice skate, swim, and so much more in this past year. She has also physically grown A LOT...when we brought her home she was 4 ft 4 in and 59 pounds. Today she is 4 ft 10 in and 85 pounds!! It is hard to keep up with her (on many levels!). She is truly an inspiration to us and we are So Blessed to be able to call her our daughter. Enjoy the pictures of her from a year ago and today...looks like she aged about 3 years!!! Love to all - Melissa

Friday, December 17, 2010


Do I work? Yes! I work 24 hours a day. Why? Because I'm a MOMMY. I am a cook, a cleaner, a parent, a teacher, a referee, a nanny, a nurse, a handyman, a maid, a security officer and a comforter. I don't get holidays, sick-pay, or a day OFF. I work through the day and the night. I am on call at all hours. Now tell me my job isn't a real one, ITS THE BEST ONE!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

This is a Very exciting Christmas around our house for all of us. It is the first Christmas as a family of 5 and the first time Delson and Sitota are experiencing Christmas (American style!). We put up the tree this weekend and they are loving it. Another thing we have enjoyed is the Christmas music. I am looking forward to seeing them all in their Christmas programs. Sitota and Delson have a school performance and all the kiddos will be in the church program this year too! Here are a few pics of the events so far! Enjoy - Melissa


Having conversations with Micah is always an adventure. It is often hard to remember that he is only 2, as he has conversations like a little man :) Here was the talk we had today after lunch:
Micah - "Mom, come here and put your nose on mine!"
(I go and put my nose to his)
Micah- (excited) " Look Mom..we match! Wait, we don't match because my nose is brown! Well, we kinda match!"
Gotta Love that boy!!