Monday, February 20, 2012

When I Grow Up

Today Delson was giving me LOTS of facts on the way home about presidents. Since it is presidents day his class was talking about George Washington and Abe Lincoln. He knows how Washington liked horses and reading and Lincoln likes math and was shot (that was a long story!). When he got all done giving me the facts he informed me that he was going to be president someday and live in the white house. I had to regretfully inform him that it would not be possible for him to be president of the United States because he was not born in the US. He then began to list all his friends who were born in the US asking if they would be able to be president. I informed him that they would be able to since they were born here. He asked if Micah could be president and I said "No, Micah was born in Ethiopia.". The boys have decided that it is NOT fair that they can not be president and asked how to change that law. I told them it would not be an easy thing to have changed, but that they were welcome to write the president and tell them their concerns. They asked if I would help them write a FULL page letter to the president tomorrow and bring it to the post office. I promised I would! Hurt to tell Delson he could NOT be something he has a desire to be, but felt so PROUD to hear the boys make a plan to try to follow the dream!!! Melissa

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meg said...

i struggle w/ the same thing w/ ellie..."shoot for the moon, aim high...errr, not that high, honey" would be awesome if your boys could make such a change!! :)