Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blessed Beyond Belief!

This weekend we had our first fundraiser for Naika's adoption. We have not ever fundraised for our adoptions before, so this is kind of new ground for us. We decided to participate in the neighborhood garage sale as a fundraiser and people showed up to support us in ways that BLEW OUR MINDS! We had people donate money without buying anything, donate WAY more than what they spent, pay $10 for cupcakes. I could go on and on, but I will get to the point...We EXCEEDED our weekend goal. Our next BIG fundraiser is next weekend when we are hosting a craft/home business/bake sale at our local church. It is going to be a GREAT event and if you are in the area, you will NOT want to miss it :). I also added a gadget on the left side of the blog so you can all see our progress as we try to make our $25000 goal. If When we accomplish that goal, Naika's adoption will be fully funded! There is also a DONATE button, in case anyone feels led to give. This button will allow you to donate using any of the credit cards listed. Thank you all again for your support!!! Melissa

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